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August 24. 2007
WOW! It's been forever since I have updated this website. I'm excited about some new music I've been working on and some new shows coming up this fall! In the past year I have bought a house and started a new job, in which I've already been promoted! Typing all of this makes me feel a bit old, but I just have to keep telling myself that life has just begun:) I hope to hear from all of you and see you at a show or two this fall! Be on the look out for a new album this coming winter!!!

April 8. 2006
We all go thru life some walking, some running... sometimes we mistake mud for quicksand. We feel like we're sinking and the ground is going to swallow us up with no one even noticing. The truth is, it's a time for us to slow down and re-evaluate why we are in the place we are. As a musician it's a horrible feeling to find yourself driving down a dark road late at night after a show and finally realize your heart is so far from every word you just spoke and every note you just sung and every chord you just played. I've put so much of my life, time and money into performing - giving the best I could give... I feel so blessed to have come as far as I have in so little time and looking back I think I was too quick to take advantage of that. I am glad to have taken some time to rest and refresh myself with why I even started writing and singing... because I love it more then every breath I take. I hope in the years to come I can produce even more soul seeking melodies to fulfill my hunger for you to hear my heart.

December 13. 2005
Wow... it's been almost a month since I last updated! I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! I felt so blessed by all of my friends here in Charlotte. Since I was unable to go home, I was invited to over 10 houses for dinner and I ended up eating at 3 different ones. I'd have to say it was the best Thanksgiving I've had since I moved to Charlotte!

Things are slowing down due to the holidays. I booked a last minute benefit show for Hurricane Katrina. It will be at CCD High School. There are details on the tour page.

The Ashling is still selling strong! Thank you all for your continued support:) I hope that you all have a beautiful Christmas and wonderful New Year. I will be traveling to Vermont to spend Christmas with my family - I can't wait to see them! and then I will be traveling to Philadelphia for New Years.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Years!!!!

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November 15. 2005
I am proud to announce The Ashling  is now available at the following places:

- rachelmerchandise.com
- iTunes
- Best Buy.com
- Tower Records.com
- CD Baby
- Steelroots ProShop
- SMARTpunk
- The Spirit Radio CDs
- Jam! Indiana
- InterPunk

And many more soon to come!

Also, A very Happy Birthday to Lauren! I love you<3

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November 1. 2005

Hey everybody! Awesome news is in... SmartPunk.com will now be carrying the new CD! They are taking a chance on me since I'm not exactly like their other music, so I'm completely psyched! CD Baby is also now carrying the CD with additional distro thru Tower Records. More vendors will be added soon!

I had a wonderful time in Greenville and Myrtle Beach this weekend. Thank you to everyone who came out! Especially everyone who made me laugh so much at Fresh Brewed - can't wait to come back:)

This weekend I will be in Columbia and Raleigh. I hope to see all of your lovely faces soon!

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October 25. 2005

I'm back in NC today. I had an amazing weekend starting in Philly, then to CT and then MA. I am in love with playing music. I wish that I could do it all the time. I never thought I would actually like the driving around city to city playing music, but I was wrong! I can barely wait for the shows this weekend as well! I met so many amazing people and got to see many friends and most importantly, my parents and sisters! Many thanks to everyone to gave me a place to stay, food to eat, and promoted the shows! To everyone who came out and listened and came to talk and hang out! Thank you for making the trip so much more worth it!

If you have any photographs of me performing, please email me them! I am going to be posting a TON of live performances and I need your help!

More exciting news, My Love hit the top 15 on Spirit Radio. I added You Cause Me To Break to their line up, so we'll see how well that song does!

I hope to see everyone in Greenville and Myrtle Beach this weekend. I'm so excited!

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October 20. 2005

I'm please and honored to announce SubCulture Clothing as my very first sponsor. They are located in Panama City, FL and are awesome people. Be sure to check out there website and other bands they sponsor as well: http://subcultureclothing.com.

I am also under contract with another company and I will let you know about them as soon as we work out all the details!

I'm leaving in about 10 minutes to head to Philly. Please be sure to check out the tour page and see if I'm coming near your town. I'd love to see you and or meet you and hang out! I can't wait to be in New England in the fall - its the best place on earth this time of year!

Love you guys<3

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October 17. 2005

I'm going to be performing live on WGWG at 10PM tonight! You can tune in via iTunes!

--> Click here to stream <--

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October 11. 2005

The Ashling is finally here and available at the all new online store: www.rachelmerchandise.com

Be sure to check out the album site: www.theashling.com

Please look around the site... more soon to come!

The CD Release Party was a HUGE success! Thank you to everyone who came out and to everyone who purchased a cd! Thank you to The Apprentice, Corey Crowder, and Heartwood for making the night amazing! I hope everyone who attended had as much fun as I did. I love you all!


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October 7. 2005

Happy Birthday to one of the most amazing people to have walked this earth, my mother - Mary Merchand. I love you Mom!

Tomorrow is the Release Party! I'm so excited I could burst, but I promise to stay in one piece for the show:) I can't wait to see all your faces!!!

The Ashling arrived on Monday and is so beautiful - seriously, I can't wait until everyone can see it too!!!

See you all tomorrow!

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September 17. 2005
This is what you ALL have been waiting for...

Now Presenting:

My Love
listen at: myspace | purevolume

Also, if you review music and would like to review the album, please contact reviews@rachelmerchand.com.

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September 13. 2005
We have a venue! The Well has opened it's doors to the CD RELEASE PARTY! Here are the detailios!

Date: Oct 8, 2005
Time: Show starts @8PM; Doors @7PM
Place: The Well
Address: 220 Main St
City: Charlotte, NC (Pineville)
Zip: 28134
Door: $5
Additional Bands:
, Corey Crowder, & The Apprentice

I will be performing with a band - it's a night you won't want to miss! The Ashling will be for sale for $10 and there will be a TON of new merch, so come and come early, cause it's going to sell out!


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September 3. 2005
We are finishing up the album this weekend and is set to be mastered this coming Friday! The release date for The Ashling is October 11th. I'll be posting the album cover shortly - so be checking back! I'm still working on the venue to host the CD Release Party on Oct 8th!

I'm currently booking a mini tour up the east coast towards the end of October starting on the 20th. If anyone in the Philadelphia and New York/Boston area knows of any venues that would book me, please let me know!

Also, please donate to the Red Cross in the relief efforts for the Southern Region of our country that was hit by Katrina and torn to shreds.

Donate to the Red Cross

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August 27. 2005
Due to complications beyond my control, I'm pretty sure the CD Release Party is off. Trying to find a venue and promote this thing is sucking the life out of me and I'm not sure how it is that I'm one of the most well known solo artists in NC but I can't book a venue in my own city? So unless anyone has any suggestions, the cd will be available online or at shows. Release date is tentaively set for the 7th of October.

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August 10. 2005
Last night I slept 13 hours - can you tell I'm a bit tired? I wish that I didn't have a rather large meeting today at 9AM or else I would have slept all day! This past weekend at the festival was awesome and I met so many amazing people, but it wore me out to say the least - I think the flying bit was the worst part. Somehow it took 12 hours to fly from Charlotte, NC to Boston, MA and then 10 hours to fly from Burlington, VT to Charlotte, NC. I think I could have driven there in the same amount of time and spent less money?

In any case, if you did come to the festival, please let Inside Out know that you enjoyed my set cause I'd love to come back again next year and perhaps bring a band and sing on a bigger stage?

I begin recording tomorrow. I will keep you all informed of how it is going - maybe I should make a lil blog - though it may not be that exciting? Please pray for my vocals - I'm very tired and that doesn't mix well when you sing!

I love you all. I hope to see you all again soon!

Much Love

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